ILS/GPS cone @ LTFM rwy 34 & 35


Hello everyone, before I was not sure if this was correct or I was wrong, here I want to show that the landing cone on the LTFM shows the wrong runway and turns and breaks.
But after I came back here a few hours later, the one that led to the right runway wasn’t there so it just hopped sideways then broke it.

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I also saw this when coming into LTFM, I thought this was just a bug on my end


The new update has brought many bugs in the new map. These are all being looked into and will be fixed over time 🙃


Oh ok, well I guess it’s just me, but you are too, let’s wait for the next update 😅


It’s known and has to do with how we project the Earth as a square.


Thank you. I was wondering what was wrong with it. 😄

I hope everyone doesn’t mind I bump this topic back up. I just thought I would because LTFM is the IFATC focus today, and it will answer the question of the few people that might still be wondering why this is the way it is.

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