ILS Goes Wild!


When ILS established the aircraft has trouble flying smooth to begin with, veers off to another direction/plummets or climbs then re-establishes itself even if I have flown directly down the glide slope/along the localiser? Anyone else having this issue?!

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Would you mind attaching a few screenshots? I assume you’re using the APPR mode?

Here’s a short guide on how to use it:


Missing the short guide henrik. Also happy birthday. And doesn’t this topic belong in the #support category?

I guess I spoke too soon.

Support is for app issues only. Until the OP provides more information such as pictures, we can assume it’s an user issue. :)


I experience the same problem too, One trick I use is to approach the runway on a decent length final (12-17 miles), and be perfectly on the glideslope. Approach the localizer from a 25° angle and as soon as you see that the left-right indicator on the HUD stops blinking, apply APPR mode, this fixes the problem perfectly for me, as long as you keep your speed accurate to the aircrafts approach and landing speeds (this is just as important as rapid changes in VS affect APPR mode dramatically). Let me know if you have any success, good luck and happy flying!

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I’m having the exact same problem. The plane climbs really steeply really quickly!


You’re not doing it right. Search the tutorials on how to use Appr.


Bro u should watch the video on its super easy to use.

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