ILS Fixing


How do you guys edit where the glidescope is? I heard we can’t change the location of the runway or something because it would mess up the ILS…


How do you edit the glidescope, is it the VASI placement?


I have no idea


I see, I usually will place the VASI/PAPI directly where the google earth map shows. Hope I am doing it correctly.


But I don’t think that moves the ILS. It could but I’m not sure so that’s why I’m asking. I know Nick or Cameron does that stuff.


You’re right - the ILS I do since it involves editing a long list with flimsy lat/lng coordinates and specific data fields that takes time to understand… ;)

Post here whenever there is an ILS that needs fixing (same for VORs, Fixes, etc.). and I’ll get around to making that change :smile:


Hmm you might have to make changes to the airports I’ve done. KARR, KBMI, KFCS, KNUC. KLAX will be done later. I may or may not have done things with the runways…


Make a list of the exact runways that need ILS fixing for each airport and I’ll happily do it :)


😁 I actually have no idea. I think I’ve moved all the runways more or less because the coordinates are always different than what Google Earth says


KLAX will definitely need ILS adjustments for all 8 runways. I’ll let you know when I finish and submit