ILS Fix KCLT (Charlotte) 36L For FDS NavTeam

MaxSez: Following PM Copy to Controller applies. "Marco I’m not a nut, At KCLT (Charlotte) Was on AutoLand to 36L in a mini-bus at 7 miles on final! AutoLand put me in a 360 then brought me back onto the ILS and a left offset centerline bouncing landing long. Appears the ILS is misaligned, no “R#### designator at the threshold or end of Rwy.36L Will report it to the FDS Nav guys. I info’d Joe & Mr. Shelton this msg.”


I don’t understand what you are trying to say

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He means that ILS For Runway 36L at KCLT Needs to be fixed by the Navigation Team, I’ll let them know.


The title says it all.