ILS Critical Holding Area

Are we aloud to enter the critical holding area without ATC permission on IF?

Yes. The runway holds are the big ones to request permission to enter. The sim is not set up to handle secondary holds.


Good to know cause I got a little sweaty doing just that at TJSJ 😓

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Could you , or someone else, tell us what the ILS holding area and the secondary holds are. Just interested…

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The holding area is an area in which is marked by a line with broken black bars in it usually just before the hold short line for the runway it is so that you do not block the ILS for the incoming traffic!!

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@Chris_S did you see me at TNCM in the f-14? I have a question for you if so…

The green arrow is the normal runway hold. The red arrow is the ILS hold at KMSN.

My understanding is the goal was to provide a safe distance between the waiting plane and the plane on the ILS in low visibility conditions.


The primary reason for the ILS critical holding area is to ensure that aircraft do not block the ILS signal for aircraft that are on approach using ILS.

And yes, it can be used for low visibility as well, IMC/Critical Area.


“This graphic explains the difference from a ‘regular’ hold short line and the ‘IMC’ (Intrument Meteorological Conditions), hold short line which keeps the aircraft further back from the runway in LOW VIS conditions.”

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