ILS Cone Disappearing & Reappearing Whilst Controlling ATC

Device: iPad Air
Operating system: iPad OS

Whilst controlling ATC, it seems that the ILS cone disappears then reappears whilst zooming in and out.

I thought the HotFix had fixed the issue with the ILS cones?


Is this a known issue or…??

Is this at a specific airport? Or happening constantly? I can’t say I’ve noticed it. And having checked at Sydney just then I can’t reproduce the issue.

Have you looked at your settings on your map while controlling ? If the ILS cone is appearing and disappearing this might because you don’t have Approaches enabled.

It happened at CYYZ but it hasn’t happened at EGLL…

Not seeing the issue there at the moment. Odd 🤷‍♂️

Had same issue with EİDW for 1 time. Open another freq and turn back to your old freq. It should be fine

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