ILS at LIMC doesn't capture the localizer

I encoutered this issue today while landing at LIMC/Milan Malpensa. The ILS localizer for runway 35R (and maybe 35L too) was never captured on the entire approach (the glideslope was working perfectly), staying always to the far left. I made a test landing yesterday by first approaching 35R, and then changing course to use 35L. In the middle, the localizer activated, but then the needle moved to the far right.

Here you can see the compass with the localizer needle to the left, while I clearly was landing on 35R. This runway had also been selected after finishing my flightplan at Zurich.

Device is a Samsung Galaxy S21, with IF’s current version.


Repro’d. APPR brought me down about 3° offset the centerline. Tested in the Generic E190.

Device: iPad Pro (8,1)
OS: iOS 16.4.1 (a)
Infinite Flight Version: 23.1.1 (3374)

I’ll have this added to the list of airports that need correcting. Thanks for the report!


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