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So I get a bit confused on this sometimes and it happened to me when I was descending on a flight earlier today. ATC told me turn to a heading that was like a few degrees different than the RWY HDG until established in the localizer which I know is normal, however what should I do if my aircraft intercepts the localizer but then crosses it to the point where ATC doesn’t tell me to contact tower or turn to the runway heading? Should I just turn and align with the RWY myself or would that just get me reported?



When ATC gives you a heading not 100% centre on the ILS runway, that is ok, just activate APPR as said in the ATC command “Until Established on the localizer” that means you can turn on APPR when ready, so no your will not get reported

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Hey Aidan!

I was your ATC earlier today, please message me and I can explain the situation that occurred! :)


When you’re coming up on the localizer, yes you should. You won’t get reported.

Side note: You definitely don’t wanna blow through the localizer, especially at airports with parallel runways.


You asked a good question, and you’ve got the answer from Sooraj. Hope it makes sense, not only to you, but also to the many other pilots who need this.

All you ever want to learn about the different approach types you find in the post below

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You probably got the answer but for anyone else that looks at this post. You are expected to turn towards the runway once cleared for approach.

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