ILS Approaches and Vectors

Pilots, If you request or assigned an ILS approach , approach controllers are NOT permitted to vector you straight in for the ILS !! You must be vectored in at an angle between 10-30 degrees. Please follow instructions and STOP turning towards the runway.
Thank You. // Supervisor


Just noticed this while I was clearing aircraft to land at Stewart. Thanks for the great APP control Tom! Much appreciated!

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Because otherwise you will not have a chance to intercept the localiser.


Thankyou Tom! Many pilots just turn in before reaching the Localizer and all of our hard work is gone. I think part of the reason is many pilots don’t know how to read/use the ILS

That´s why I was told tu turn to direction 80 when I was about to land at EGBB runway 15.

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Why not? Surely if the airport is quiet?


@IceBlue you will never intercept the localizer if your guided straight in. I suggest you learn what the Ils approach means


@Brandon_Sandstrom I was approaching KLAX on Playground, and requested the ILS for runway 25L, and wasn´t given any vectors, but I was cleared to land, is it different on Advanced?

Of course, most playground controllers have no idea what they’re doing.


Definitely a lot diffrent

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So… where is the localizer in relation to the ILS… cone… I guess. The red arrow

I’ll just leave this here


Why should I get vectored into a 30° entry to capture the localizer? You get the full beam when flying directly into it, don´t you?

So here is an illustration showing the localizer. Think of it like a laser beam aimed up the glide slope and down the center of the runway. The purpose of the ILS is low visibility guidance.


So you have to cross the beam to pick up the centerline.


But how intercepting the localizer from a 30° angle is more effective than entering straight away to the beam?

Because if we just turn you to the runway heading you will never cross the line. To center the localizer


When I was on Solo (and on Playground without ATC), I´d descend to the F.A.P of the runway and always land correctly, most of the time entering straight into the beam.
I´m asking because I´m not very ATC experienced.

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That’s so you can capture the glide slope instead of chase it.

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You have to realize in real life they don’t have a map with a cone for guidance try and turn the map off in the hud in low visibility and see how close you come. So yes in IF you can fly by watching the map but to be more realistic you should use the instruments. And since your asking for an ILS approach we vector you to where you can capture it without the use of the map.


I know that, I don´t use the map, most of the time I look outside while in cockpit mode with the HUD.