ILS approach

Do you have some memory cards about ils? Something about this thingimage

ILS Approach explained

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-7000 fpm??

-7000 fpm!!! #RIP 😂


I mean how to understand is I am above or under the ils

In the pic you’re above the Glide Slope

@Russian… “Ру́сская Википе́дия.” Is the Russian version of Wikipedia. An excellent research source for all aviation related matters. Max Sends

@Russian. Web Address for publication noted above : ""
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Don’t press APPR on a high altitude, press it on 400ft-2500ft. Also check the #tutorials category to learn and understand how to use ILS. If you still don’t understand it, private message Mark Denton.

Didn’t mean to reply to you @Maxmustang

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Please make sure you utilize the search function and #tutorials to find information. Many questions can be answered there first, then we can better assist you with specific issues beyond that.


@Russian. “Above or below ILS”. Not ILS think you mean “Glide Slope indicator” the calomitor to the right of the Altitude Tape in the HUD! See the ILS Tutorial. Use the magnifying glass at the top right of the Forum main page.
Search Term: ILS. MaxSends

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