ILS Approach

There is a tutorial on YouTube. Follow that and you should be fine!

Yeah that was what I was asking, but this also happens sometimes when there are no winds.

I watched that, and I do the same steps and it still does the same thing.

What aircraft?

wait I am sorry I do not quite understand the problem?

@TylerShah: The problem is that APPR is guiding the plane off the centerline. However, this can be affected by winds, since APPR does not incoporate the use of the rudder.

I’ll reiterate this, but don’t rely on the autoland. Fly the approach manually.

It is hard, but it is the best way to improve, practice, and become a better pilot.

Autoland is not perfect. I promise that with practice, handflying your landings will make them smoother.


The FPV dot isn’t centered on the middle of the runway during my approach, so I have to do a visual approach.

so when you enter the ILS the FPV is not center and after the APPR mode is enabled it is not turning to center it self?

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I always try to hand fly. The first time I tried autoland, I had a very bumpy landing of about -700ft/m and I tilted in the runway. The second time, I swerved off the runway and got a violation( I left the server too late😂) But again I’d just fly the visual.

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That’s what happens.

Can you answer my question for the aircraft please.

787, 777, 350

I thought it did center itself with windy conditions from watching a video of Laura’s on her instagram. @Thunderbolt

honestly though I do not really know and like thunderbolt said always always always hand fly for the last 5 NM I personally like flying it from entering the ILS but it will make things alot smoother for you

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With the A350, the FPV is already off center because of the view angle for live cockpit. I don’t know about both others.

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I’ll post a picture tomorrow of what’s happening!!!


It’s happened to me all day it’s just the wind, because it normally lines up correctly.

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also A320 I think 🤔

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I am not sure if others are experiencing the same thing, but I am currently experiencing an issue with APPR where once activated, the aircraft swerves left and right and never fully gets aligned.

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you wanted, but it sounds similar. This issue is present currently on most wide bodies, including the b787s, a330, b777s, and a350

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Same for me!!!

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