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Hi guys,

I’ve read the tutorial in regards to ils approach, but still very confused, I’ve been playing the game pretty much all day, I assume you can only select ils approach at airports that have the technology within a particular destination of the runway, do I also have to be at a particular height to pick up the ILS

I flew from MAN - TFS setting up a few way points on the way. I expected to pick up the ILS but all I could do was Manual landing or GPS

This is my 1st day on the full version so still learning. 😁😁


Does the destination you were going to have ILS for your specified arrival runway?

when you open the map runways with the red cone are the ones with ILS, to activate ILS first you must be close to the airport (30 nm) once you are close youll open the map and click on the airport and a page will open and go to the runways page and click the runway you are landing on and click NAV 1 once this is done you continue your flight when you reach the cone you should be 3000-4000ft Above Aerodrome Level in which youll open your autopilot and change the bottom right button to APPR also you should be at a speed of at the most 180kts otherwise youll not catch the localiser. Happy flying and welcome to global :)


As far as I can see the TFS (gcts) does have a red cone on approach, but I could be wrong. (I’m colourblind, so am probably wrong)

Thanks for the advice Marc_Gallagher.

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You said you’ve seen the tutorials, so I won’t focus too much on that, but I have linked a great step-by-step post below.

One way to tell if an airport has ILS or not (assuming you can’t discern from the cones), is to tap on the airport and then go to the “runway” heading. If you tap on a specific runway and the “set NAV 1” button is disabled, then that runway is not equipped with ILS. If it’s not disabled, it does have ILS and you can then follow the steps in the topic below. Keep in mind that most major airports have ILS, so you can go off of that as well. Hope this helps!

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Thanks you all. Just done a quick flight and attempted an ILS approach, think I’ve got it, just slightly off course when reaching the runway. So think I need to tweek my approach.

You can also set it so once established on the ILS, your HUD in the middle will establish with the localizer. Select the runway, hit set NAV 1 once in range, move to your NAV button (shown on the right below systems), change it to NAV 1. Once on final, everything should be align with the runway. This should help a lot!


Sorry if this is a dumb question, like I said in an earlier post I am new to the full version. Once established on the ILS I assume I still need to adjust the altitude and rate of desent

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No dumb questions.
If your aircraft has autoland/APPR mode you just need to adjust speed and flap setting.
Just press APPR button when you are established.

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Hi! If you set APPR mode on (not all aircraft have it) the aircraft will automatically capture the glide slope and the localiser so it flies by itself and even lands by itself too! If you don’t activate APPR mode you will have to adjust it yourself.

I suggest you see this video when established on the ILS for arrival:

What I do:

Deploy ILS at 30-20 NM

Deploy APPR, don’t be afraid if the plane shakes a bit.

At 1000, manually land, make sure you have Landing aids on as it helps you manually land.

Hope it helps 😁!

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