ILS approach very violent bank angle and pitch

Is it normal that went I caught the glide slope the aircraft went 737 max mode and nose up dramatically and almost causing aircraft to stall

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You need to align with the glide slope manually and be on point before engaging auto land.

On the HUD, the green dot beside the altitude should be dead centre before you engage AL.

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It should be with in a dot.

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Typical training for picking up the ILS localizer and glideslope are:

Approach the localizer line, on a heading no more than 30 degrees out on either side of the ILS heading. Keep airspeed at 200kts or less. Plan on being near 3000 feet AGL unless given instructions or VNAV otherwise… Also keep a zero VS while getting established.

Engage APPR mode when you get within about .15 nm of the track, that should give one bank to get on the ILS heading.

When the glideslope indicator drops to meet your own altitude, the ALT indicator should flip green and the AP will manage the descent from there. There might be a brief pitch up right as it catches, but I’ve always seen that settle out in just a couple of seconds.

I hope I’m not throwing in too much detail…


You’re not! Although I knew this already, it was really nice to read your post and understand it better. Thanks!!

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