ILS approach question

Hello! How do I fly an ILS approach when the flight plane is like this?

Sorry for the typo, when the flight PLAN is like this

Are you departing from DFW?

No need to fly an ILS approach if you’re departing lmao

If the case is for arrivals however, you can deviate and line up with the localiser.

Nah nah, I know that, this picture was taken at my question is, if I was arriving at this airport how would I fly it

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I’d go for this way. Not every approach involves an awful final bank.

You could follow the published charts that can be found with a simple google search

For an ILS approach, you have to set it up with the controller (if ATC is active) or, if there’s no controller, you set it up according to the approach plates for DFW. You can find the relevant approach plates at
That flight plan is not set up for an ILS approach. You would have to definitely make changes to that. If there’s ATC, the controller would give you vectors for you to follow (and hence deviate from the flight plan) and set you up for the ILS approach. From what I see, you would want to keep a more direct (less shallow) intercept to the final approach course from GVINE, but even that’s cutting it a little too close, unless you’re in a Cessna or something.

All ILS, RNAV, GPS, APPR and DEP plates can be found here for KDFW

You can also find STARS and SID information if you need that in there as well :)


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