ILS approach on A319/320/321

When I land on ILS on all types of A3 **, what happens on the video is what happens to me. How to avoid this?

Video: - YouTube

You are most likely going too slow for your weight,

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That could be the problem indeed. Maybe you can try intercepting at or above 160 knots?

your approach speed is low you have a strong headwind try upping your approach speed also I’ve found the autopilot is a bit funny try quickly disconnecting then connecting

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Try to wait until the green dots are aligned with the dash before enabling APPR, this will indicate if you are on the glide slope or not. If the dot is lower than the dash, you are too high and should set your VS to an amount >1000ft/m, vice versa if it is higher, just set your vs to around 400ft/m.
Also, as said above, try not to slow down into that mid-130s range until you have been established on the glideslope.
Hope this helps :)

I had a look at the video. Whilst your altitude was fine, your vs when you enabled APPR was ~-200ft/m. Try to get it to around -700ft/m for a smooth transition into Autoland.

Check your landing speed and the weight (make it lighter so it doesn’t stall) also you were going 125-130 knts I recommend to go about 145-155 knots for landing at this weight. And also check your trim for landing!

It happens to me some times, try to intercept the ILS from below the glide slope, and reduce the speed manually and slowly, maybe that can help

What I would do is to speed up to 140 knots and stabilize the plane. Then continue the ILS approach.

Thanks to everyone for the advices. Thanks to them, my problem was solved!