ILS approach menu


I’m told this is not a bug, but rather a feature request. At several airports, I’ve noticed that not all runway ILS options are shown on the drop down menu. For instance, today I was inbound for landing at LAX on runway 25L, and had that dialed in. Approach then vectored for 24L instead. When I tried to dial that ILS up, it did not appear. Even when I was in the cone for 24L, and that appeared in the HUD (and I had to choose AUTO to get that) it still didn’t appear (see pics).

So, do we need a scroll option for runway ILS, similar to scrolling for ATC frequencies?


Also, this happened when I tried to dial up runway 09 at San Diego.


This might be a numbering issue.
In the Los Angeles scenario you didn’t get 24L cause in the “Approach menu” there’s place for up to 6 frequencies only.
In the San Diego scenario there is no reason to get the ILS from Left Downwind. Once you’re on base you should get it.

Off topic but good to know, San Diego hardly ever uses 09.


Off topic? How is this off topic? I’m asking that, as a FEATURE, scrolling be made possible in the ILS menu. If I’m on approach to LAX, less than 20nm from the airport, at around 3000 ft, I should be able to select either the 25’s or 24’s. I should not even be seeing the 6’s and 7’s if I’m coming in from the east. Capice?


The glideslope is normally usable to the distance of 10 nm (in real world).


I’m not talking about real world, I’m talking about what we HAVE in IF.


He was saying his remark about San Diego rarely using runway 09 was off topic, not your feature request, goodness.


@Steve_Corley in regards to your San Diego approach, it appears you don’t have a flight plan set. If you create a flight plan with your final leg ending on KSAN, IF will bring up the approaches for that airport, no matter where you are facing.

It is however extremely unrealistic. In the real world, as @Laurens said, you don’t pick it up until your closer to the airport, and facing somewhat the right direction. You can obviously tune to the frequency though, which is ultimately what you’re doing in IF by selecting the approach - you just unrealistically start receiving a signal straight away.

You are right though, if your flight plan ends on an airfield, the menu needs to either show EVERY approach for that airport, and make the list as long as it needs to be, and have a scrolling function if it’s too long.


@SirMS yeah, I realize that now😆.

@MitchellJames - in this case I originally had SAN as destination on my FPL, runway 27. Tower switched me to 09, entering left downwind (a rare day when both ends are usable) at which time I cleared my FPL and just did a direct for distance and bearing only, in order to judge my base turn.

Anyway, hope we can get the scroll option.


@Steve_Corley I could be wrong (I’m only on a phone at the moment so can’t see the KSAN pic great) but in regards to that one, the purple flight plan doesn’t look like it’s ending on KSAN (the blue dot indicating the airport) - if it’s on the fix at the start if runway 09 IF won’t pick up that it’s actually KSAN and won’t show you KSAN approaches, but instead just nearby ones facing you…

If what I said above is the case, then for airports with 6 or less approaches (3 runways max) then the issue does not exist where you need to scroll as long as you correctly select the airport fix.

If the airport has more than 6 approaches (more than 3 runways) then yes, even if you select the correct airport fix, you won’t have all approaches displayed and we NEED the scroll option (or a menu that just shows more than 6 approaches)


@MitchellJames - you can see my line cutting across the bottom of the “N” in KSAN, that was my last fix, so yeah, SAN was on my FPL. Also, at bottom of screen you can see my distance and bearing to destination, which you wouldn’t have if it hasn’t been selected.


Oh, and just for general info? I have almost 700 hours, a half-million XP, over 1000 flights and landings, 99 violations, playing on IF for quite some time. Just so you know I’m not some newbie that just bought live a week ago. Now, that in no way says I have any real world aviation experience, but I AM very familiar with Infinite Flight. Just sayin’. 😎


@Steve_Corley no need to get defensive - we’re on your side? You don’t need to justify your existence!

When zoomed in on your KSAN screenshot - it doesn’t look like you’ve selected KSAN. That’s why it’s not coming up in your list. You’ve selected another nearby fix. The KSAN fix is right between those 2 red cones where all the aircraft are. The pink line stops well before KSAN


Yeah, whatever fix you’ve selected (as you stated, you just pressed the ‘direct to’ selection) is your ‘next’ AND your ‘destination’ - of course the bearings and time are the same. My point is you haven’t selected the KSAN airport. You have selected another fix that is right next to KSAN. As a result, IF does NOT know what your actual intended destination is, being San Diego, so it has not brought up the San Diego approaches for you. Your flight plan DOES NOT end at KSAN.

In regards to your last post - I wrote ‘between the red cones’ after your post about your stats. It’s impossible for you to be responding to my comment. Secondly, a lot of people read these forums. I am accomodating to everyone. There is multiple previous posts from others asking what the red cones are.


Anyway your original feature request is a good idea, and is needed.

The second problem you raised at KSAN is an error from yourself, not IF. Whether you understand that or not, there is no ‘bug’ in IF in regards to that.

Finally, people are trying to help you, agree with you, or constructively discuss the issue with you. Stop being so aggressive and argumentative. Relax. I will from now on remember to not respond to your suggestions or posts as I’m now aware of your impending responses to everyone who replied.


Obviously finally realised the mistake you made.


You’re right. I was wrong. I went back just now and recreated the scenario. I think what I did was select the runway waypoint, “ZURSA” and not the airport. Please accept my heartfelt apology @MitchellJames.

Let’s move on and get the scroll option.



Thanks @Steve_Corley. As I said, your original feature request / issue you raised is very valid and much needed! We’re all here wanting the same thing!

See you out there!