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Hello everyone,

I have been struggling for some time now to line up with the runway during approach using ILS but everytime I use it I cannot line up. I try do it manually but still can’t. Is there a way I can share my latest flight to show?

Your supposed to click on your arrival airport click RWYS click on your runway it’s supposed to have ILS next to it’s name then click NAV1 or NAV2 which ever you want

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This can help you

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That’s what I do

I don’t want to use Autoland though

You can disable the APPR before touchdown if you wish to land manually. The APPR can be very helpful to line up with the Localizer and glideslope too.

Alternatively, if you only wish to have the LNAV automated, control the glideslope yourself, you can tap LNAV instead of APPR when your source is set to NAV1/Nav2.


Use auto land until like 200 ft agl that’s what I do sometimes to have a stable approach

Question do you use approach procedures

Yeah, it acts as the ILS and auto land. You can click it to line up with the runway (LOC) and glide slope (GS)
You can disable it before you land, or you can use it for auto land. But you don’t have to keep it on.

You don’t have to, but a lot of the time it’s recommended.

I have a tip on how you can land the plane manually with ils
Do you see the green circle

Try your best to keep it on the runway as much as you can and you’ll be lined up
Hopefully this helps

Thank you everyone.


Hi, to answer your question:

You can use:
Share My Infinite Flight

Or alternatively link a youtube video.

But did you have your problem solved?: Manually either intercepting and/or holding the ILS localizer?

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