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I just got a “check tutorials” while approaching EDDF on Expert. I was with controller heading runway 25R the controller asked me to switch to tower frequency. After that I submitted a “call inbound requesting 25R”. Please see attached log. I always do like this. I never got any remark from controllers before.

If Approach cleared you for ILS, you just need to call inbound on the ILS. This way the controller just has to clear you with a sequence.

Otherwise asking the way you did requires a pattern entry followed by clearing.

What usually happens is that approach spends all this time getting you lined up for one specific runway. Usually when pilots call in like this they end up switching runways by accident and it causes more stress for the controller and could result in a go around. This is more of a reason to double check what runway you were given vs requested as many times it can be different depending on the airport volume.


I see. Thanks a lot for your reply


Thank you for coming to the forum and checking as instructed as well!


I’m glad @daniele_milizia posted this. Because I once did as what you said but the ATC told me “you already cleared to land, dont bla…bla…” i forgot the exact command but it was like "don’t clutter the frequency or something, while I called inbound on the ILS (not choosing the runway again).

which one is correct?

Let me guess, traning server?

  • Approach clears you for ILS 27
  • Approach hands you to tower
  • You call into tower “inbound on the ILS runway 27”
  • Tower says “Number #, cleared to land”

Thats it. No need to report position or ask for landing again. If you already called in and then called in again ATC will give you a “You are already cleared to land” Sometimes people will call in and realize they used the wrong one and do it again.


Some good info there already; hope that helped.

Here’s a little extra, which should be in-line with what’s been said before:

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Thanks a lot. In recent days many thread have been opened about this so it’s now totally clear. What is missing is what to do in case of GPS approach. We still say Inbound on the ILS even though runway is only equipped with GPS ?

Good point: GPS approach and ILS approach are treated in the same way.


Ok thanks again for your explanations.

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