ILS approach can be hand flown

Hello IFC,
I have a question regarding calling into ATC and requesting the proper approach.
If I call inbound requesting a ILS approach can I hand fly the approach or is the ILS approach a autoland (APPR mode) approach, if it is, should I be requesting a visual approach?

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You can hand fly an ILS approach. ILS is simply a guideline for an ideal approach into an airport. Whether it’s autoland or not does not change anything because you’re flying the exact same glideslope on the exact same equipment.


Of course you can hand fly it! Do it however you want! ILS is just reference to align with the runway and what altitude you should be at at a certain point of the glide slope!

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Thanks! This actually helps me as well.

However, I do have a question. If you are flying a visual approach, wouldn’t you still use the glideslope and localizer? Or is it literally just based off of your vision and judgement?


A visual approach wouldn’t have a glideslope to base it off of anyway, so it is mostly judgement based. Some approaches wouldn’t have a localiser either, since there is a config between ILS and Visual called LOC.

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In theory, a visual approach is done the way you have said

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Interesting, thanks both.

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ILS is short for Instrument Landing System, and it’s not necessary to use APPR (if you prefer not to) since you’re still following the guidance from the localizer and glideslope - unless the visibility is low enough for a hand-flown approach to be deemed unsafe.

I know this isn’t yet a thing in IF, but if you’re really striving for realism, autolands are only to be performed if the ILS for that particular runway is at Category III standards in real life.

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Thanks for all the responses guys, good to know this now

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