ILS/APPR question

So I’ve acccedentally turned off the ILS on the CRJ-900 and I’m not sure how to turn it back on. I am very confused how this website works so i hope I’m asking for help in the right place.

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Are you referring to the approach (NAV/APPR) feature or the landing aids feature (red boxes) when landing?

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Follow these 3 simple steps to reactivate ILS/GPS APPR

Step 1: Hold down on the circled area

Step 2: Select the approach for the runway that you are on approach to land on

Step 3: Begin APPR NAV


From your question I get the impression you normally use the APPR auto-land feature to land your aircraft. Personally I think you are missing out on the coolest part of flying: landing manually.

To fly an ILS Approach (by hand), check out this great tutorial

While you there, on YouTube, why not check them all! 🙂


Tip, before you press the APPR, make sure your levelled out on the localiser; otherwise in some cases, which I have learnt 😂, you’ll stall and crash

You most definitely are (:

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