ILS and princess Juliana

I was trying to land at princess Juliana international airport on the ILS and I could not find it is there ILS there

There is no ILS, only GPS approaches at both sides of the runway.


Ok thank you

My favourite of course!

How do you do a gps approach is it just following your gps or is there more to it

Yeah but you don’t have vertical guidance ☹️

Ok that’s exactly why I love the ILS

Practice, practice, practice.

My advice is to not always rely on the APPR to get you down. I always fly my finals by hand and only use APPR if the weather (visibility) is bad.

Practice makes perfect.

No, it’s perfect practice makes permanent.

For a GPS approach, click on fixes leading down the approach to the runway. Each time you click on a fix, there should be a little plus sign that adds it to your flight plan. Then your navigation will keep you on that path until you take off autopilot to touchdown. The speed and VS are up to you.

I hate too where there is no ILS but to land on the airport without ILS is fun. Just keep your eyes on PAPI.

As this is a non-precision approach, the GPS fixes are subject to winds. The aircraft will not follow the exact path

But it does get pretty close and when you take the plane off autopilot you can make the small maneuvers to line up with the runway. It’s not that hard.

That is true, the point is that do not expect that the aircraft follows exactly the LOC

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Yeah. I’ve noticed the aircraft generally makes the turns too early. But you can just take navigation off and adjust the HDG for a second before turning navigation back on and being closer to the FPL.

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