ILS Alignment Issue on RW 28 at KSAV

Heyo! I just wanted to report a quick issue. Just flew into KSAV (Savannah intl), and noticed an ILS alignment issue on rw 28. After the LOC caught I ended up aligned ~50-100ft to the right of the center line. I intercepted the ILS from the northeast at 247°, 2500’. I was misaligned for the first half of the cone, and I ended up turning autopilot off and hand flying the rest of the way, so I’m not sure if it would’ve corrected me eventually, but AP did not seem to be making any adjustments.

Device: iPhone 14 pro
Operating system: Apple

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The ILS looks aligned— you were right of the LOC and the HSI shows that. The problem must be with APPR. Have you tried all the usual: clear scenery cache, restart device and IF, etc.?

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The HSI is showing that you’re right of the LOC, which is correct, but it’s also showing that you’re going to intercept it again— it’s at an angle. I think the autopilot wasn’t doing anything because it thought it was already doing something. So this is an issue with the ILS after all. I’ll try it myself.

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Thanks! Let me know what you find out! If it is my phone I’ll try all the usual stuff, just wanted to report this in case the ILS was broken so that it could get patched up at some point :)

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This has been noted internally for when we are able to fix the ILS issues. Thanks for the report! :)