ILS Aligning with Old Runway @ UAII

Heya, just thought I should report a little discrepancy with the ILS system at Shymkent, Kazakhstan. Runway 10 is equipped with an ILS approach but it appears the ILS is aligned with the older runway (highlighted in yellow in the image below) while it should be aligned with the new one placed off to the right (highlighted in blue below).

Device: iPad Pro 12.9"
Operating System: 15.3.1


What you have been marked yellow is taxiway only.
The runway to the south (right in your approach view) is a grassstrip.


But yes, there isa issue with the ILS of runway 10 at UAII

Some reference

Magnetic deviation is 6°

The airport was reworked with WED in March 2021, so relative new.

The settings in the old navigation database where ok

ILS Runway 23 is ok

ILS Runway 10 is off angled

Cross Check at other airport in area


Just come closer to the issue:

The LOC runway 10 at UAII uses the wrong identifier. Looks like a database error.


Thanks for the great explanation!


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