ILS accuracy

I have noticed that the ILS for certain airports is not as accurate as it should be. For example, St. Marteen (TNCM) indicates 95 degrees in the flight plan map, but as you approach the runway for landing you notice that the 95 degrees reading is not the real one. Other issue is that certain legs of the flight plan do not activate (lines do not change from white to purple) and you do not receive the advisory call to readjust the heading.

You do actually get a pink label up top of the screen to change your heading, the legs only change when you pass them, I think it might within 1 NM of the waypoint.

I am not sure why TNCM is showing 95, should be around 96 isn’t it? Maybe @Kilt_McHaggis or @Henrik_B can take a look and maybe @Swang007 could check the navigation repo?

I hope this answers part or must of your question :)

I can answer your HDG flight plan line problem. Basically you need to pass at the point or close to the point of change. If not it will not register you have turned to a new heading.

To do it manually go directly to the flight plan page and switch to this menu page. Showing a bar on the side. Now select the line/flight route marker you are planning to switch to and tap it. Now hit ACT. LEG and it should activate.


The pink label does not appear either. And yes, it should be 96 degrees, but that reading is not accurate either.

Thanks. I will try that solution next time.

The issue here is that most airport editors do not tell us navigation editors that they’ve changed the runway in some way. Because of this, the ILS gets messed up. I’ll fix this for TNCM.

Do you know if the ILS altitudes match their IRL counterparts? I had problems at KONT when I had to establish myself at 2900ft for runway 26R.

Sounds great!

Honestly, I don’t know.

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I think you may need to update IF

Sorry, thats not my photo :D.

I do not understand your post.

@DavidCutler please check your end. 96’ shown on chart for compass bearing

Satellite image (angle < 90’)
Library File also < 90’

The photo that @Skylines uploaded was an older version of IF like with the bars on the bottom.

*skylines phewww i got worried for a sec :D

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