ILS 35 Canberra bug

I just want to let you all know if wondering that i just had a bug at Canberra airport for ILS 35, when you request ils for runway 35 the approach controller will answer that its closed and then say you can expect vectors for 35, and when he tries to clear you for the ils the approach controllers app will crash. So just so everyone knows, the ILS for runway 35 in Canberra is broken!

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Device settings and version of the app?

latest version of the app

It seriously stunk, I was the Approach Controller in practice…

Is it anything to do with the two approach requests? Sometimes there are 2 options when replying to an approach request, “Respond to approach request” and “Respond to Appraoch request [OLD]”. Not that exact wording but similar. Sometimes when you use one of them it says runway is closed (even if it says use the same runway) but I can’t remember if it’s the [OLD] request or normal one that does this. Apologies this isn’t very clear

Only difference from is that the old one don’t have the GPS approach as an option, so no i am 99,9% its not that. Ask Sean what he answered me with

It was the regular approach request I used. But no, I really don’t know if it was just that