ILS 22 KLGA resulted in crash

Just an FYI,
On a planned flight from KBOS to KLGA I was on a stabilized ILS approach to runway 22 when a mountain apeared on short final and I crashed. I wasn’t sure what happened so I took the sr22 for a quick flight from flushing and flew the approach again and took pictures, and had same results. I do not think this mountain or obstruction is there in real world, but I’m not sure.

There is a terrain issue present there. It is known, and will be resolved in the future.

Hello! I’m sure this is a known terrain issue. Though there shouldn’t be a mountain there this time, sometimes it is hard to see terrain in front of a runway, because the airport still shows through the hill, etc.

No worries. I have never flown there real life, I had to double check my plates. 😎


I do appreciate the realism there. First time I saw this, this was never an actual obstruction.


Thanks for the timely responses folks!