Illuminated Windows

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i was wondering if the Illuminated Windows at night will be coming back for future reworked planes?
I’ve been missing those on the recent 777… Planes. I feel like this Feature such as on the a320 family makes flying at night much more realistic, otherwise the plane just looks completely dark when flying at night.


This is a good question but as with most things they keep it so that individual planes do not take up so much storage.

I recommend making a #features request for this I bet it would a popular one.

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I mean never say never (and can’t give you any insights you wouldn’t get otherwise), but what I imagine as the main challenge is that the windows on newer models are ‘real’, which means you can look through them from the inside (and can also still see the cabin), while on the A320 the windows are just ‘painted’ onto the fuselage, which means you can’t see them from the inside.

I know this isn’t really answering your question, but just a bit of insights on why I feel that’s going to be more difficult then it might feel at first.


I think it will be re-implemented after project metal … when a complete lighting rework is likely to take place

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