I'll never be an ATC at KLAX again

After my first time at KLAX as a approach controller, I was bombarded by every plane in my vercinity. It was EXTREAMLY hard. So hard, I raged and spammed everybody before leaving. THATS HOW HARD IT IS

So imagine how hard it is for IFATC to keep the skies safe…

ATC, IFATC, how hard is it for you guys to keep your airspaces safe?

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It’s hard for sure, we do make plans before opening obviously, we communicate with each other while controlling to ensure the airspace will be safe for everyone.

A thing that you miss on training server is the ability to force people to do what you assign them, and the ability of pilots itself to communicate with ATC as they are training.

If you want to control more civil pilots and have a better experience then for sure apply for IFATC!

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NO. That job is hard enough. I’ll stay in my place. But thanks anyway! 😅

Hey, it’s not as hard as you think, it’s actually easier than training sometimes as people know they have to follow your instructions, also pilots know how to communicate on expert (the most part).

Also you opened approach in the busiest airport in training server, IFATC start progressively to ensure they are capable of managing the airspace. Sometimes we also collaborate by splitting frequencies if we think it will be too much to handle.

Definitely you should try, but it’s up to you!

Yeah, the good thing is that we have the ban hammer at our disposal at any time for the pilots that don’t follow rules

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Ban hammer you say? 😏

I cannot and will not apply for IFATC because I need 500 operations. Something I don’t have, and something I don’t attend on gaining. Second, I have too many bad experiences. Third… I’m just going to stay in my place. I like being a pilot. Where I can adapt to my environment. I feel like I have a connection with the sky. So I think it would be best for me to be a pilot.

Try controlling at other airports on the training server. KLAX, EGLL, KSFO, are all places for misbehaving pilots. Something more rural might attract some traffic and might get some decent pilots in return.


You do you. IFATC is fun but only voluntary

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Thanks for the advice! You may now close this topic after these people are done replying. I’m done with this topic.

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  1. 500 operations are not a lot, if you control 1h a day you’ll reach them in under a week.
  2. Bad experiences in the past are a very good reason to aim for better ones in the future!
  3. I said the same thing until became an IFATC controller, all I need to say.

By the way don’t feel forced to apply, it’s just a suggestion because you said you were done with controlling on training server. 🙂

practice makes perfect :D

Thank you!

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I have seen you so many times in verious regions or when ever there is ATC. Can you confirm you are a grade 3?

If you’re inspiring to become an IFATC member, I’d recommend controlling tower services instead of radar as you begin with tower and advance in further time! 500 operations is pretty easy, I was able to gain 1200 in 1 week before!

I’d recommend opening some airports like KLSV, KFAT, and LFBO. All utilizes parallel runways for pilots to switch runways on!

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umm, I am grade 4 in IF and I am a IFATC, I have no clue what your are talking about…


Was you the one flying around Miami on the expert servers 2-3 days ago?

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Hmm… Okay. Well, there’s somebody with a callsigns that reminds me of you. When was the last time you flown?

I will PM you so the topic does not to off topic

I flew around Miami today, I don’t believe so about the other 2-3 days :)