I'll call your base vs Extend downwind

Guys, I’m studying to become in an IFATC. At the moment, I’d like to know what’s the difference between the commands -I’ll call your base" and -Extend downwind- 'cause as I see it they are the same thing, it’s often used when the controller wants the pilot keeping the downwind to avoid future issues.


The Command “Extend Downwind, I’ll call your base” instructs the pilot to continue flying downwind to resolve any potential conflicts and then the controller will instruct them to begin turning their base once the conflict is resolved with the command “turn base”. when this command is issued to the pilot, they can not begin turning their base unless told by the controller.

Hope this made sense.

Yea, I just want to know the difference between.

Hello! Glad to see your interest in IFATC. What Arian_N has said pretty much sums it up. There really isn’t a “vs” about it. They are two different things. A controller may clear for the option/landing but if there is a conflict (I.e. extend downwind, I’ll call your base is most suitable for arriving aircraft when you would like to create space for departures) the controller should issue that command, otherwise the pilot would simply continue to the runway. So, extend DW means exactly that. And when told to turn base also means exactly that. Since they are different legs in the pattern.

This is one of many good tools to use to help the pilot know what they’re supposed to be doing.


Thank you! that’s what I wanted to know.

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Good luck with your IFATC endeavors!