I'll be practicing ATC @ KSAN in TS2 for 1hr.

I’ll be controlling tower and ground for 1hr if anyone wants to come I’d love to see you:)

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I going there right now.

Alright I’m there on ground and tower right now:)

Hey, Just went there. I suggest you check out Infinite Flight’s official YouTube page for controlling tutorials. Some basics you should know is that Remaining in the Pattern means they’re staying In the pattern for pattern work (Touch & Go’s) You would clear pattern work with a clearance for the option. I would have stayed for touch and goes, but I was created to land, and not for the option. Keep practicing. Also, if you want help with a person, IFATC’s Scout Program has a group of IFATC that will help train you! For example, I would be one

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Thank You very much.

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