Ikarus c42

Hey guys, I’ve decided to make a feature request now that I’m a TL2 member 😁

Let’s see how it goes…

In August of this year I embarked on gaining my Nppl microlight licence and so far I’ve racked up 12 hours of flying, after Christmas I intend to sit my 1st exam ‘air law’ so I can go solo l!

Anyway… I am training using the ikarus c42 and I think it’s a great wee plane to begin learning to fly.

I was just wondering if anyone else shares my interest in having the c42 joining our fleet on infinite flight and if so let’s have your vote and make this happen 👍

Have a great day people

I’ll be interested in what you all have to say



Looks like a nice little GA Aircraft to practice with in the future of Infinite Flight, good request!


Yes buddy. It’s a great week GA plane to fly around in. Hope more people are just as interested in it as me 🤞



Never even heard of this aircraft before but looks nice, may consider voting.

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I don’t think we’ve had a microlight in IF yet. Sounds interesting!

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Microlights are the way to go 🛶

Love to see it introduced to infinite flight 🌍



Ahhhhh. The Beautiful C42. See these regularly at work. You have my vote.

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Cheers @Jack_BC for the vote 👍
Just read your bio!

Plenty of Irish descendants 🇨🇮

We could be cousins 😂🤣

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