Ikarus c42

Was just wondering was the ikarus c42 ever in infinite flight and if people would vote for the microlight to be added to the fleet?

I’m asking because it’s the aircraft I’m currently learning in and its recommend to be one of the easiest aircrafts to gain your license and learn about aviation!

I know we have the xcub which is a better aircraft but I personally would love to see the c42 in the fleet as a personal choice.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the ikarus c42 and if you would vote!

Thanks for reading 😁

Hey there!

There isn’t currently an Ikarus C42 feature request, so when you become TL2 (Member) you can make one yourself! Unfortunately, because you’re TL1 you’re not able to post in the #features category.

Just keep liking, posting, and participating and you’ll get to TL2 in no time!

See you around!

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Cheers bud

I wasn’t gonna make a poll just as yet but I’m still interested on other peoples thoughts on the c42!


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No worries mate, understandable.

Looking forward to your feature request!

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Cheers guys!