Iinfinite flight grade vs. live flight grade

Good afternoon,
I was wondering if anyone knew if IF grade and LiveFlight grade are related and are the same grading system or if they are 2 different grading systems.
I was a grade 5 on IF then after the update I moved down to a 3 but I stayed a grade 5 on LiveFlight.

Are you sure that’s you because you might have accidentally selected a different aircraft.

There is a delay for the grade to be reflected. Especially if you obtain violations on during flight.

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It would be helpful to know which update you are referring to. If it was the Expert Server Requirement Changes , it seems the most likely answer to your question (outside of very recent ghosts) is that LiveFlight has not incorporated the ghost metrics into their grade calculations.

I guess to answer the question, the grades are the same between systems. But there may be a delay in LF to reflect grade changes if one gets reported or has violations.

Thanks, great to have certainty - definitely seemed more likely than the alternative explanation

That’s me

It’s been that way for at least 3 months or when ever IF changed the grading system last

It seems as if it’s cached on Infinite Flight’s end - we get the data in real time from them (and do no grade calculations on our end). I will pass it onto Laura, thanks!


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