Ihave2cowlicks”'s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone! As I have recently passed my written exam for IFATC I am now practicing for the practical exam. I will mostly be opening at KAUS or KDAL.

Any feedback is very welcome and highly appreciated.


Airport: KAUS

Runways: 18R/L

Area of Focus: Pattern sequencing/spacing/conflicts etc


Hello, I am happy to hear you are motivated to join IFATC. If my advice matters, I wouldn’t recommend opening big hub airports like KSFO, KLAX, etc. Not only do these airports have runway layouts that will make practicing difficult but they will attract many pilots you don’t want to have on your frequency and might not follow your instructions. If you are starting training and want good pilots that actually want to help you practice, I would highly recommend opening quiet airports with parallel runways.

Some good airports for practicing are

  • KFAT
  • KAUS
  • KLCK
  • KFLL
  • KDAL
  • WARR
  • VVTS

Tag me when you open, I’ll try my best to attend :)

Ah, fair point. Good advice! I will keep that in mind. I plan to hopefully open up later in an hour or two depending on dinnertime for me (PST time). If not then possibly some time tomorrow.

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Sounds good, I’ll try to attend!

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Alright, I have opened KAUS stop on by when you get the chance and feedback appreciated.

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Feedback OK-LOL


4000ft was too high. The correct transition should’ve been 3,500ft. A good way to calculate it is by adding 2,500ft to your airport elevation and then rounding up the results to the nearest 500.

Exit runway

  • It was issued late. Remember to aim for 70kts next time.
  • Good G/A call

Thanks for the service today! Good stuff!

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Alright, thanks for the advice! Assigned 4,000ft transition since CF-ASH was flying pattern at 2,600.

And that’s a smart way to think to be honest. You should consider what altitude aircraft in the pattern are at. In this case, it was the aircraft that was way too high and was not at pattern altitude.

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Feedback CF-ASH

Ground clearance and taxi instruction was good.

Initial clearance for takeoff for right traffic was good.

For some of my landing clearances. You sent “CF-ASH, number 1, Runway 18R, Cleared for the option, after the option make right traffic” this is unnecessary as I am already in the right turns traffic pattern. So instead all you need to do is. . “CF-ASH, Number X, Runway 18R, Cleared for the option”

Great catch on the go-around.

Thanks for having me!

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Alright! Thanks for stopping by!


Howdy, opening up at KAUS for a bit of practice hope to see some folks out there!

Airport: KAUS

Server: Training

Runways: 18R/L

Area of focus: Pattern sequencing & spacing etc

on my way!

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I’m inbound! See you in a bit

Closing up for now.

Ah man, sorry just missed this, next time though!

It’s good!

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