Ignore (carry on)

Guys next time you toally delete a topic please tell me. I woudlnt be pissed off as much. This is the second tome

Make it a good topic and it won’t get deleted and you won’t be pissed off at all ;)


What was wrong with it

Don’t know didn’t see it :) but my guess is if it got deleted it was by accident, something was wrong with it, or it got outa hand.

It was an ios nine thing. I said basically that if anyone who dowloads it complains if dosent work they made the descision to download it

@Blackbird71, Thanks!

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@Blackbird71 please don’t take those personally. If a topic title is being changed, it is because it was not clear initially. If you believe the change didn’t make things any clearer, contact us (the mods) in a PM, do not complain on the forum publicly as it won’t solve anything. Mistake happens, if something is obviously wrong, we will fix it.

Te only purpose here is to ensure clear and focused communication on this forum.



Am I the only badass who ignored the “carry on” title? 😜


With ya…It drew me in like a ‘withdraw email’ request :p (inquisitive minds ;) :D )

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