Ignorant ATC

I have realized that in the Training Server, the ATC has ignored me when NOBODY was making word on tower, I had to wait 30 MINUTES until I was cleared for take-off where there was only ONE landing and ONE take-off the take off 20 minutes after MY request for takeoff and the landing 15 minutes after my request for take-off. If anybody has a solution, please give me one.

Fly on expert. ATC in the Training server are known for their lack of professionalism.


What if I’m only Grade 2

Work your way up to grade 3. If you really are bothered by ATC, fly to airports with not ATC.

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Sad times, just get better, in terms of ranking up hours and landings, and then go onto expert

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That’s why i am requesting;

It will bring some professionalism to TS and unexperienced ATC controllers can get experience while watching ATC instructions, also pilots can be relax because they won’t be ghosted for a long time and they cannot troll because they can get semi-ghosting.

Edit: Its not off topic. I am explaining what i think to resolve this problem. This is a recommendation for resolution.

Unfortunately, nothing can be done on Training server for lack of proffesionalism. I do agree with your feature but for us to talk about it on this topic, would mean we are off topic from original.

I know it’s not right but I would just take off in the end

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On situations like this, the best is to just quit your flight and go somewhere else.

Many ATCs on Training Server are serious people who want to learn. This guy was clearly not with it.


Or just land in a different runway 🤷‍♂️

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