Ignorant advanced atc


They delete everything to hide the trith just liek killing someone amd hidding the body


Are you talking about me deleting your post again? Because your language was the reason behind that.


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If, as anyone flying on the advanced server, you had listened to ATIS before departure, you would have noticed that pushback was at everybody’s discretion as stated in the message.

A) the plane who pushbacked without paying attention made a mistake
B) had you listened to ATIS you would have known that the controller in question did his job properly.

In fact I just landed there after a go around and he handled things perfectly.


there was no ATIS


I kept checking and couldnt find it


Well try harder my friend.


How do i try harder i kept looking and couldnt find it this is exactly what im talking about you guys turn it around directly back at me just becuase no one wants to be responsible


I’m not a controller so I don’t care whose mistake this is… Just annoyed you’re making a poor choice of words when you obviously didn’t listen to ATIS. Anyway I’m sure the relevant controller will eventually come here to reply…,


There was no atis and you keep on saying that there is. Its not my problem there was no atis even if there was the atc shouldnt of cleared him for pushback and ignored my taxi request


Maybe you could just stop cause you have no knoledge on anything im talking about


What was the name of that ATC guy?
And when was it yesterday



I highly suggest using a private message. Avoid publically causing a fuss! There is very little need to kick up a fuss. Maybe he made a mistake, people make mistakes often.



His name was River-Heisler-ATC


O oke I was thinking that I was the ATC but I have an other name


I think he was using the glitch because the most advance ATC’s has IFFG before there name




I have IFEP before mine. Only some atc have IFFG.


That means?


Just because he doesn’t have IFFG does’ mean he is using the glitch.