Igamer's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hi Community!

I’ll be doing air traffic control at Adelaide International Airport on Training Server (for 30mins) (Ground & Tower)

Here is some info:

Takeoff Runways

Rwy 23

Landing Runways

Rwy 23 and 30

Pattern Work

Rwy 30

Pattern work available
Rwy 30 will be for GA Takeoffs and pattern work

Come on down and enjoy some Semi-Profesional ATC…


Hi, I’ll come down in a sec, just instead of making a separate topic for everytime you are open can you have an atc tracking thread? Thanks :)

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Yep, This is going to my my ATC Tracking thread…

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Awesome! See you in a bit

Thanks for all who participated. Mods please don’t close this as it will be my ATC Tracking thread…

If this is will be your tracking thread I changed the name for you! If you don’t like the name feel free to change it! 😊


Please add [open] or [closed] in front of your title, so we can see if you’re active without first scrolling/reading your post.

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