IFYT is Back!

I was a bit hesitant on doing this but I would like to announce IFYT to be back in session. Though at this time I am the only one running it because the founder of the IFYT was banned.

What Is IFYT
IFYT, What in the world is this darn thing you may ask for all you new members of the IFC. IFYT is stands for:


We were a group of people that made IF videos for fun. Now it’s just a person that makes IF videos that is still part of this group. I see that many people still make IF videos and post them on forum. Though I would like to make this thread that place for those Infinite Flight Video Makers to share and post there videos. Since Global is here videos are surely to follow. While this group was 100ft under I saw the talent of some IFC members and there videos like @AviatorDan and his videos.

This here is the old thread with the older videos people have made. Now with IOS having a screen recorder built in more people can make videos.

This is the IFYT website. I now own it and will be updating some things on it. Go there to find some of the older videos. I will be working to get this more updated. I also hope to host events and group flights where we will record and make some good videos from them. Here is one of my global videos:


Wooo I got a tag in the post :))

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Yeah. I do like your videos. And you are the only person I know that does IF videos and has them on the community.

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Glad you like them. Any suggestions while I’m here?

Nah you and your cinematic videos are very nice. There well edited and good music. The only suggestion I have is to make those type of videos now with global out.

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I have a break from school now so I’ll try my best to schedule some👌🏼

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Nice. I might start IF youtube videos.


Here’s my Channel:

I usually do talks on global and some IF vids

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Got it I’ll make sure to add it to the website.

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Just uploaded this horrible landing courtesy of moi

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Ok so i opened my account and got surprised
Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC238ar_vIKbqYBaVKYDn_rw

IFYT is necessary and needed. There has been an increase of IF live streaming on YT since global. You see a live stream almost everyday nowadays, but, if only people would mute their audio and avoid publishing their homes’ private conversations.

@AviatorDan and @Blu_Games do the best streams.


I should add my videos so I can grow this.

All of these are from my trip round the world.

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