IFWP what happened?

this was the Facebook page of infinite flight world pilots IFWP

. now it has become so. does anyone know what happens

Are you sure you have the right page? I’m looking at it and it seems to be ok just now.


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Is the page infinite flight world pilot event page,have a look

I concur …
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Have you got a link to the page that you’re trying? I don’t seem to be having any problems.

Here is the founder of IFWP …

@John_Preston21 ( He might be able to give an answer )

in English means’ a page that you like it changed its name from to

Yes i do but i think is a event page

The link is not working,tell me the pages is not active

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Hi @John_Preston21, thank you but i think that the page IFWP still not accesible.

I don’t think there’s much you can do, unless you can track down an admin. I suspect events are managed on the main IFWP page, I would use that instead and not worry too much about the defunct events page.