IFWE - Infinite Flight World Events

I just got an idea.
Once global comes out, I think it will be very nice to make every week some events inside a country

Week 1 : USA, everyone can organize an event in the USA in the name of IFWE.
Week 2 : Switzerland, everyone can organize an event in Switzerland in the name of IFWE.
Etc etc

À unlimited of events can be created in the country by users… races, landing competition. Country tour etc… all welcomed!
What about this idea ?


Idea is Nice but still we need to determine many factors


wont this be what the FNF’s will be about…? I am sure that they will be expanding the areas / regions that they control during a ‘FNF’


Yes but the goal is to be independent or user-made events instead of ever FDS hitself

I really like this idea as it will allow for some concentration in one region, however for a country the size of the USA it will be hard to focus on one specific part of it. Switzerland however is a lot smaller so you’d have a better time having events there. Not to say it won’t be possible to have a nation wide event in the USA, you may need to focus on a region of the US (New England, Texas, California, Florida, etc.)

We can determine the location by making polls for example first which continent
Then which country
Then which region
Then which aircraft
And so on

Pilots flock where ATC are. So you can schedule any event you like, but the truth we’ve seen so far is that people like to fly under ATC. A better version of your idea could be to have a group of experienced TS1 controllers or even IFATC occupy one region completely from ground to departure over several airports across the region to provide ATC coverage for short-medium haul flights.

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Sounds similar to Plane & Pilot Events:-/

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It’s definitely going to happen in some way or another by FDS…

…and what’s wrong with that?

The only thing i want is a serious USER event inputs ! We have FNF & TT by FDS, but it will look nice if users can have a lot visibility, it’s the IFWE goal

Check out the events section, that’s full of user created events!!

I just don’t like the competition:-)

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