IFWA - Infinite Flight World Alliance

Me at Hi Fly and @Maxpap at flybe virtual have made a new I.F alliance
Message me or maxpap if you want to be in and code-share flights
This is a community run alliance
Hope you are interested, all Virtual airlines

Yay we are operating

@grxninesix @BavariaAVIATION


No, just no.
Something with that level of professionality is immediately denied.


Cool see u soon

Wait a sec, I thought you were CEO of Hi Fly?

Haven’t you made like 5 VA? Just asking…

He is CEO of flybe virtual- another IFWA VA

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Yes I am the ceo of flybe VA

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Are we allowed to be in more than on alliance

Air Canada Virtual Airlines will be leaving IFWA. We just started Star Alliance Virtual. Sorry :(

Yes you are we do not want do be to strict.

Actually we are not!

No 2 alliance

Ok your the leader

Just I case of betrayal

Hello, Portside Air will like to have an alliance with you! Thank you!

If it is in IFWA and you keep your airline, yes
But if you want us to take over or a new alliance NO

Ok, well than ok.