IFVATC the mobile vatsim

No all staff can verify their vatsim/ivao or real life experience

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It is not a problem your 14, i am 15 my self

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BUMP. We are still looking for ATC

Whenever I join using your invite it eventually disappears from my discord. So not sure what to tell you.

@N1RG can you help him with this problem? unfortunately i cant help you i’m not tech savy sorry :(

Yeah. @AR_AR if you are still interested, I can send you an invite that will never expire.

that link will not expire

Bump. We need more pilots and controllers. Fill out the application here: Become an ATC - about us

Change the website @Robert_guthy

why what is the problem? @Padi3_14

On this post, add the main website, and the websites for the American, and Eurasian Division @roryhenn