IFVATC the mobile vatsim

I’m Robert Guthy an Atc instructor for IFVATC. IFVATC is a new service based off of IFSIM , that recently closed its doors. In our first month of operation we had over 30 members(pilots and controllers). Most staff have vatsim and/or ivao/real life experience. IFVATC provides the most realistic atc service via voice available for infinite flight. We operate on discord a free version of teamspeak witch works alot better than zello. here you can find our website http://ifvatc.weebly.com/ please be sure to check it out! Here you can find an invite to our discord server Discord. You can download discord on almost any mobile device! Most importantly we only operate on the casual/free-flight server in the following regions , Southern California, and San Fransisco. IFVATC is working on a controller application like Vatsim’s VRC as well as a flight radar like the Live flight app witch is available shortly. Again i encourage you to join us weather you want to become staff , go through some training so you can control , or be a pilot and enjoy our amazing ATC services.
Also you can find applications and alot more information about IFVATC at our website , http://ifvatc.weebly.com/
~Best regards , and happy flying!


Feel free to comment and ask questions!


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How about the pilot?
How they talk to the atc?
Is it verbally or using the old chatbox?

EVERY position in southern california and san fran is now open if you would like to try our services feel free to do so now! We will be manning every position for 3 hours after this message
~thank you

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How to use the discord? I can’t use the code.

I’ll go so I can listen and get a feel for it.

what is your discord name ? give it to me and i will invite you. if anyone else has the same problem let me know and i will help you!

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Send me the invite pls. Discord name same as my username here.

ok standby

i need your discord tag #

My name in if and discord is CVA022.
I am only grade 2. Is that a problem?
And i am only 14. Is that another problem?
But i am not a nimrod. Well thats not a problem.
And my tag is #7436

Nevermind, I figured how to access the channel. Thanks!

no not a problem at all everyone is welcomed also i need your discord tag #

from now folks please use this link for discord Discord

well flight planning works through discord aircraft send there flgihtplans to the clearance delivery controller and they will than get ifr or vfr clearance and so on…

if anyone has any questions again feel free to ask

What exactly is vatsim?

VATSIM stands for Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network they provide atc services for pc sim pilots that fly xplane , fsx , or p3d at a very realistic level using voice communications. We are doing the same but for infinite flight , IFVATC stands for Infinite flight verbal atc. you can read more about us at http://ifvatc.weebly.com/ . let me know if u need anything else :)

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Do we also have to worry about staff lying about things they don’t have?