Hey IF community! I just wanted to take a second to make a review on the awesome IFVATC network (I searched before making, and found nothing, if this is a duplicate, please provide the link to the original before closing).
Basically, what it is, is VATSIM, but for Infinite flight! All the controllers are highly skilled, and some of the moderators are ATC on the VATSIM network! So they know what they are doing. With our first event coming up on October 16th

We are all getting very excited!
If you wish to join, join the IFVATC discord channel: Discord
And visit the website, at http://ifvatc.weebly.com.
I must say, as a delivery and ground controller, and a pilot with IFVATC, it is an amazing experience! @Robert_guthy is a moderator for IFVATC, and he does a great job at it! So if you love ATC, or loved IFSIM, maybe come try us out!
This review was written by a member of IFVATC.


Have you been told to do this?

Joined them. Looking forward to flying!

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@Kieran_Lockhart He is more than welcomed to this! He is an experience controller with us!