IFVATC Officially Opening the Eurasia Division

Right, so most of you might of heard of IFVATC owned by @N1RG

Well, as some of you may know, IFVATC only operates in the US, so today, me and @N1RG decided to change that. IFVATC is now running two divisions. The US Division and the Eurasia Division. The US Division will be run by @N1RG as always and I will be running the Eurasia Division.

The Eurasia Division spreads across Europe and Asia meaning we use European ATC procedures. When Global Flight comes out, we will be running Asia as well :)

IFVATC Website: http://ifvatc.weebly.com/

IFVATC US Division Discord: Discord

IFVATC Eurasia Division Discord: Discord


good to see something got worked out

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Great I may join it as verbal atc adds more realism.

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Maybe you could use your “Real World Experience” for this, since you do have your CPL after all, don’t you?🙄


Was that really necessary?

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Sure was…

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Awesome to see that you came to an agreement :) Can’t wait to join up!

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Good luck with it, I will sure join and use both! :)


Damn, love the communication and compromising!

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