IFVATC Launch Event in SoCal @ SoCal - 161600ZOCT16

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: Any

Time: 1600Z

NOTAM: Join our Discord https://discord.gg/6C3J9xk, Most know how to communicate with ATC properly. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL AIRPORTS IN SOCAL WILL BE OPEN


You need an @ between the time and the title I believe :)

It’s Fixed

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Bump. Please join

I’ll be there

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Would come if I could. :)

If you can do the training in 6 days you can be there as a controller, no live needed.
I’m considering to be an ATC there and I don’t have live. I propably can’t make it before this event but maybe next one…

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I prefer flying then controlling, but I will consider it. :D

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Bump! Starting in 20 minutes…Come join

How do i join in discord


It’s saying no one is online, btw this is my first time using such an app. Must I do anything for it to show me? Is there another name for the group?

Ok I got it… What channel

If you know real ATC procedures, then your good. Connect to the voice channel that has your starting airport at.

Can I join

Yeah. Join the Discord

Ok are we doing it online

If you can access live, Yes. We also do this on the Casual server

Ok got it, what’s it called the Chanel

What Do you mean?? The Server is called IFVATC. Connect to the appropriate voice channel for your departing airport