IFVARB Virtual Airline/Organization Activity & Highlights [June & July 2021]

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VA/VO Activity & Highlights
[June - July 2021]

We would like to periodically share with you, the Infinite Flight Community, the activity of and highlights from our virtual airlines and organizations. Check out below what they’ve been up to!

Feel free to check out our website for more details on all VAs and VOs.

Overall IFVARB Stats

14 VA/VO applications pending
79 active VAs 15 active VOs
5,300+ active pilots 440+ active staff
135,000+ routes 21,000+ destinations

In just 60 days:

26,768 flights were logged
That’s about a 12% increase!
145,805 hours were logged
A whopping 27% increase!
521 events were organized
About 9 events a day!
1,047 new pilots were recruited
Over. One. Thousand. Pilots. Joined.

🏆 Most PIREPs Logged 🏆



🏆 Most Events Organized 🏆



🏆 Most New Recruits 🏆



Per our activity check-in for June & July 2021, here are the top 10 VAs/VOs in terms of overall activity.

How is activity determined?

Activity scores are calculated using a formula based on number of pilots, logged PIREPs, organized events, accepted new recruits, and published threads. This allows for leveling of the playing field for smaller VAs/VOs versus larger ones. For instance, part of the formula takes into account PIREPs per pilot, which helps normalize the score for VA/VO size.

Rank VA/VO Flights Events Recruits IFC Thread
1 @DubaiVirtual 623 33 10 IFC
2 @IFAB 1,267 15 2 IFC
3 @AF-KLM_VA 2,688 27 54 IFC
4 @Airbus_Virtual 763 11 14 IFC
5 @WizzVirtual 570 14 11 IFC
6 @AmericanVirtual 2,001 20 63 IFC
7 @JetAirwaysVirtual 420 10 7 IFC
8 @ANAVirtualGroup 501 6 52 IFC
9 @UPSVirtual 644 10 27 IFC
10 @Ethiopian_Virtual 269 3 3 IFC

For our 60-day Top 20, check here → Top 20 VA/VO
For a complete VA/VO 60-day activity list, check here → All VA/VO Activity

There are many more VAs and VOs that are incredibly fun to be a part of!
Here are a few for you to check out:





















We shine the spotlight on two new, up-and-coming, interesting VAs.
Check them out:


Caribbean Airlines Virtual [BWVA]
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“Good day guys, @Patrick_Sterling_Jr here. At Caribbean Virtual, we want our pilots to know what it means to be flying Caribbean . Lately, IF hasn’t seen the wonderful buzz of the hummingbird, but we are here come back, brighter, louder, better. As a Caribbean born, I have always felt pride in seeing the hummingbird take flight, bringing the warmth of the islands anywhere they go. It is time for us to fly; Join us in letting the flight sim world experience The Warmth of the Islands.

- Patrick (@Patrick_Sterling_Jr), CEO


Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual [ARVA]
website | thread

“Hello my name is Ryder and I am the CEO at Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual (AEVA) which is currently in the IFVARB review stage. Aerolineas Argentinas Virtual was founded on May 28th, 2021. We operate a total of 4 Aircraft in the Infinite Flight Fleet, from the E190 to the A330, and fly to 56 destinations. The entire Staff Team at AEVA is excited for what’s yet to come, and would appreciate to join today!
Flying the Argentinean Spirit

- Ryder (@Captain_Ry), CEO

The following reservations for airlines have been released due to closure of VAs/VOs during our last activity check. For more info on how to apply to create a VA/VO, check out this page.

EW2 Eurowings EW2

frontier2 Frontier frontier2

VY2 Vueling VY2

tui2 TUI tui2

anadolu3 AnadoluJet anadolu3

Banner Image Credits

Stats, Stats, & Stats: @Etrain - Thread Link
Activity Awards: @Andy_R - Thread link
Top 10: @EthiopianVirtual - Thread Link
More VA/VO: @NoahM - Thread Link
Released Reservations: @Anshul28 - Thread Link

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Yayy! Good to see my photo to be featured in one of the banners… Also, esteemed to see Etihad VA on Top 20 and hopefully we will make it to top 10 soon 😊




This explains that :).


Couldn’t be any happier seeing this! Great work @AF-KLM_VA 🤌


Good job to all VAs for making a realistic enviroment for people to enjoy! Thank you <3

My special shoutout obviously goes to @Airbus_Virtual and @PlaneLife2018 for the great work he’s putting in every day to improve the VA :p


Congratulations to all members of the group @IFAB for the second place of activity. This shows the strength of South America in the IF.


Its great to see IFAB in second place and to know that you contributed to this achievement


Wow, this is good reporting, congrats to all VAs!

I’m feeling like a very big party is about to start within the next couple of days, cause this thread is crazy motivational!

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It’s always nice to see how many active VAs there are. When I look at the ranking, I’m so proud to be a part of DVA. I cannot thank our pilots enough for being so active and loyal to Dubai Virtual Airlines. @SirMarkieMark is really a cool and dedicated CEO just like everyone else on the DVA board. I’m so happy to work in such a nice team. :)


What a big amount of stats here! Congrats to all VA/VO!

Congratulations to all VAs, it’s been a tough yet interesting time!

I want to dedicate my shoutout to the staff team in @Airbus_Virtual, they have been doing a great job doing what they are passionate in! Looking forward to more work together and of course, extremely proud to have such a great team and members in AIBVA.


On the next summit… we’ll fly for our sooo amazing VA… AEGEAN @Kostas_K @Georgios_P :)


Nice to see LYVA featured, congrats to all the VA’s who won awards!


Great job to all the VAs. Keep making the community better!


Congrats to the VA who won the awards. Amazing job to all VA for making the community more lively and better

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We very happy to be awarded as the most exciting VA in the world. Going forward, we will continue to do our best for all our members, for a better AirAsia Virtual at next time… 😊


``We very happy to be awarded as the most exciting VA in the world. Going forward, we will continue to do our best for all our members, for a better AirAsia Virtual at next time… 😊”

Congrats AVA!
I really appreciate the all out support and the kind hearted staffs of this VA.
Also, what I really love about this VA is the strong regional presence mainly because of how the Airline operates in real life. I hope we can expand and create subgroups with various Discord channels per country!, Congrats again.


proud to be a member of AFKLM ❤️


ooohh 6EVA is third in overall activity
gotta file more pireps!

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