IFVARB Virtual Airline/Organization Activity & Highlights [Apr & May 2021]

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VA/VO Activity & Highlights
[April - May 2021]

We would like to periodically share with you, the Infinite Flight Community, the activity of and highlights from our virtual airlines and organizations. Check out below what they’ve been up to!

Feel free to check out our website for more details on all VAs and VOs.

The 6th IFVARB Summit has concluded this past weekend with an incredible turnout.

243 pilots represented 56 VAs and VOs

Check out the main thread here, the info thread here, and attendees here!

Overall IFVARB stats:

13 VA/VO applications in review
77 active VAs 15 active VOs
5,000+ active pilots 450+ active staff
120,000+ routes 18,000+ destinations

In just 60 days, VA/VO pilots logged:

24,000 flights
115,000 hours

Some interesting stats from our active VAs/VOs:

@BritishAirwaysVA pilots have logged over 100,000,000nm!
That’s even further than the distance between the Earth and the Sun!

@FedExVirtual pilots have transported over 1,000,000,000lbs of cargo!
That’s around 20 Statues of Liberty carried around the world!

@QantasVirtualGroup celebrated their 9th anniversary!
Infinite Flight is just over 10 years old!

@IFAE_GLOBAL_AIRFORCE pilots completed nearly 20,000 sorties!
Each sortie is a military mission on its own!

Per our activity check for April & May 2021, here’s the top 10 VAs/VOs in terms of pilot activity:

VA/VO Flights Logged Hours Logged* IFC Thread
@AmericanVirtual 2,416 4,500 IFC
@AF-KLM_VA 2,228 11,512 IFC
@DeltaVirtual 1,860 4,600 IFC
@IFAB 1,586 8,528 IFC
@FedExVirtual 1,552 5,910 IFC
@BritishAirwaysVA 1,327 7,216 IFC
@UnitedVirtual 1,309 5,000 IFC
@easyJetVirtual 788 8,000 IFC
@QantasVirtualGroup 597 3,016 IFC
@SpiritVirtualAirline 549 401 IFC

*Logged PIREP hours include bonus time, which varies between VAs/VOs, and may not reflect actual time flown.

For our 60-day Top 20, check here → Top 20 VA/VO
For a complete VA/VO 60-day activity list, check here → All VA/VO Activity

Fewer PIREPs does not mean a VA/VO is less fun to be part of!
Here are a few more active VAs/VOs for you to check out:





















We shine the spotlight on two new, up-and-coming, interesting VA and VO.
Check them out:

International First Responders [IFR]
website | thread

“The IFR is the leading Infinite Flight emergency service organisation saving lives and protecting the community in fires, disasters, medical emergencies and criminal incidences while providing the most accurate, relevant advice and information about current and general emergencies.”

- James (@jamesqfa380), Commissioner & Founder

Fresh Air Connect [FCVA]
website | thread

“We are a unique and non-real-world virtual airline, which means our pilots have the ability to fly anywhere in the world of the Infinite Flight skies without restriction. Our pilots are at the heart of everything we do here at Fresh Air Connect Virtual Airline, with the chance to receive ground awareness training, embark on sight seeing flights, have military escorts, take part in flight events and landing competitions as well as having the opportunity to pitch a flight route to us you would like to see added to our database via our Showcase Flight Programme.”

- Jason (@JagroGaming), Founding CEO

The following reservations for airlines have been released due to closure of VAs/VOs during our last activity check. For more info on how to apply to create a VA/VO, check out this page.

egyptair Egyptair egyptair

volaris4 Volaris volaris4

oman-air4 Oman Air oman-air4

AV Avianca Airlines AV

Banner Image Credits

Stats, Stats, & Stats: @Roland_Hoffman - Thread Link
More Stats: @N908QD - Thread Link
Top 10: @IF_International - Thread Link
More VA/VO: @Rich_PJ - Thread Link
New VA/VO Spotlight: IFR & FCVA
Released Reservations: @Charlieab29 - Thread Link

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A huge round of applause to all the VAs mentioned here! 👏

Just proves hard work really does pay off.

From the pilots who filed every flight, to the staff who made this all possible!


Nonstop all the way! Were coming for those top spots 😏


Some friendly competition is always fun and welcomed!

Next activity check-in begins Aug 2.👀


Great stuff! Excited to see some new look from
the spotlight!


Nice work, Jon! Looking forward to more of these as the months go by. Thanks for featuring MHVA 💪


It is a great pride to see the VO infinte flight Aero Brasil in the top 10 showing the gallows in south amaerica.


Congratulations to everyone for making IF the biggest mobile simulator in the world. We at IFAB are proud to be part of and help the community grow. Congratulations to all developers, moderators, and everyone in general who help in any way they can.
We are currently few pilots at IFAB, but we showed that we came to stay and fly a lot. Congratulations to all of you


We are pushing for the top 20 in the next activity notice is our goal now ;)

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Dang, I really want to become an IFVARB, hopefully i can!

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