IFVARB Virtual Airline Database & Information

As I am sure you have seen, we have introduced a new type of Virtual Airline grading system - Casual and Realistic and with that, we present a new database. With two different types of Virtual Airlines, it is useful to remember that they set out to accomplish two different things, which is why we have chosen to keep them separate in this iteration of the Database. If you wish to have your Virtual Airline moved between categories, please PM either @JoshFly8, @DeerCrusher or @iceblue and they will get you started. Well done for all those who made it up here!

(Realistic VAs - Professional, high quality, carefully maintained to be kept to a high standard)

(Casual VAs - Not quite as professional or quality driven, more a laid back environment)

Realistic Virtual Airlines

Aer Lingus@Gman
Air Canada@JacobVanZanten
Air France-KLM@A-FitzGerald
Alaska Virtual@Dashsolpher1
Alitalia Virtual@Fall_Etto
Aviation Airways/Corporate@Daniel_Cerritos
British Airways Virtual@LouDon16
China Airlines@appleonegt
Delta Virtual@anon2063420
Emirates Virtual@harris_carvel
Frontier Virtual@SkyHighGuys
Jet2 Virtual@Chris_Wing
Infinite Flight Cobras@Rodney_Buckland
Lufthansa Virtual@Lolo31R
LuxAir Virtual@AlexNo
NetJets Virtual@netjets_nick
Qantas Virtual@QantasVirtualGroup
Qatar Airways Virtual@QR01
Southwest Virtual@captjackson
Star Travel@startraveler
Spectre Air@Chris_Ridgell
United Virtual@mattrich
Velder Airways@Seb2104

Casual Virtual Airlines
Virtual Airline Alliances

Virtual Alliances are defined as a partnership with two or more VA’s that has a name.
SkyHub – Lufthansa Virtual, Frontier Virtual (Infinite.Flight)
Star Alliance – Air Canada Virtual, Lufthansa Virtual, United Virtual (tranquil_skyflyer)

Please contact @iceblue, @deercrusher or @JoshFly8 if you would like to start a new VA or have any questions. To see how IFVARB operates, check this post…


IFVARB Information

The Team

IFVARB Administrator - @JoshFly8 @IceBlue @DeerCrusher
Head Of Score Moderation - @deercrusher Moderator - @Wren_Jago Moderator - @Leodhasach
Head Member - @Chris_S Member - @Pilot8 Member - @bluepanda900 @dush19 @cleipelt

The Process - Realistic VAs

a.) A user who wants to start a virtual airline will contact an IFVARB Admin via PM - who will confirm the availability of the VA, and whether or not the user is eligible to claim it. Only 1 member should contact the IFVARB, and no one should be invited to the PM, without permission.

b) If so, the user will (be asked to) send a brief mission statement detailing routes, fleet, ranks, staff, and telling us why you’re a good candidate to lead a VA, as well as what is going to make your VA stand out.

c) Upon acceptance of the mission statement, the user will then provide the admin with a website, if ready.

d) This will then be graded within two weeks and will be handed back to the user, containing details for improvement if need be.

The Process - Casual VAs

1.) Users shall contact an IFVARB admin to confirm their eligibility and the availability of the VA in question.

2.) Upon acceptance, the user will provide the admin with a short mission statement and a preview of a decent thread. Once approved, they will be left to their own devices.

Our Policies (Applicable to both VA types)

  • Users that stop and start a VA may only apply to make another when the admin team collectively feel that it would be more beneficial to the community this time. This has changed from the old, 30 day wait; we felt this disadvantaged users who had legitimately been planning on transitioning VAs in an effective manner for a while beforehand, but could also be too soon for others to return to the stage. This can now be determined specifically for each individual.

  • All posts in the #VA Category require permission from the admin team beforehand, please.

  • Any virtual and fully established group that uses the community as a base will be considered a Virtual Organisation e.g Plane and Pilots. Slack/Discord only groups are not supported.

  • The application of a user may be suspended for as long as needed if they are in bad standing or have behaved in an unreasonable at any point throughout the process.

  • VAs should avoid mass advertising via PM, unreasonably long and/or unprofessional topic titles, and should only bump threads within reason.

Here we have the blacklist -

This the updated version as per the feedback thread.

Live Expectations For VAs

VAs are home to many inexperienced pilots - that is after all why people often join in the first place, to learn. And we feel that they should have the opportunity to do just that; all realistic VAs have a responsibility and a duty to provide an adequate knowledge base for their pilots. (Casual VAs still have a duty to be respectful and reasonable on the servers though)

We have created this guide, which also links the official FDS tutorials, to help you guys out - simply having this guide readily and visibily available in a channel where it won’t be buried on your VAs slack is enough to meet the requirement: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10A2YwFOKl4-s8ml4gc8gMcTtTz9pifTRp_rt-_zawPU

Whilst our absolute main focus is on education regarding this as oppose to more negative rules and regulations, we are introducing a few new policies to combat the select few problematic VAs and pilots that are reported to us.

1.) A pilot report form - this way users can report problematic VA pilots flying under their VA. The feedback will be passed on by the admins to the VA leadership. This isn’t a punishment and nobody is going to be scolded - it is not a means of telling people off but instead a means of educating users and pushing people in the right direction (unless the offence is blatantly unnaccetable behaviour of course).
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdgChzh-8-q3WdIuZfU6vxYGlhwW5dAVyVQifXESz0fzoV3-g/viewform?amp;amp;entry.183333400&entry.461617461&entry.630806965&entry.1758143810&entry.840701955&entry.1771471739&entry.1740084759&entry.298511799&entry.770705782 (Applicable to all VA types)

2.) VAs that receive many legitimate pilots reports may receive sanctions if they fail to attempt to do anything to correct it. By correct, we mean talking to them about their behaviour and providing any necessary training and educational material regarding any blatant and fundamental issues they make obvious whilst flying. Please note that we understand larger VAs will naturally receive more complaints, and that a VA can do all they can and still find that people refuse to learn or behave - so long as you show at least a little bit of willingness to help fix the problem, you’re in the clear. We understand that it can be hard. This rule is just to deter those who just completely don’t care - not that any of have that mindset anyway. (Applicable to all VA Types)

3.) In order to help out VAs and protect their reputation, any pilots that repeatedly acts in a disrespectful and unreasonable manner even after warning, may be added to the blacklist to warn VAs and avoid any further negative representation of any of the communities virtual airlines in the future. (Applicable to all VA types)

But enough of the negative stuff, let’s get back to the positive steps regarding this issue.

  • IFVARB and it’s members, as well as NEO on occasion, will be happy to attend VA events much more from now on, in order to properly connect and engage with the community we serve. We love flying as much as you do, so if you’ve got a good event going on, give us a shout as we’d love to join if we can.

    • IFVARB in the near future wishes to schedule some time for a QnA, and possibly even a training session with all VAs. Soon, we will announce times at which the IFVARB admins (and NEO possibly if he wants to) will be free to answer any questions regarding flying, controlling, or the IFVARB itself. If users are unsure and want a little extra help, there’s nothing to say we couldn’t all jump in some aircraft and practice flying patterns etc first hand there and then.

We would like to remind users that seeing as this is a community based project, we feel very strongly that the community should have their say in how things are done. If you have feedback, either positive and negative, be sure to send a PM to myself and @JoshFly8 who will genuinely take it on board. Likewise, if you have any concerns or complaints, feel free to contact us privately and we will try our utmost to correct and any issues. The #User-Feedback Channel in our slack is now the primary point of contact. Our door is always open!

Thanks for all that you do to make this community an increasingly enjoyable place to be!


Having spoken to Joshua and Ewan regarding the leadership team at IFVARB, they have expressed the preference for a new addition to the admin team - subsequently, I’ve happily authorised the addition of @DeerCrusher. Bar the personnel addition, things will remain the same. Thanks!


Just a reminder - VAs should not be recruiting via PM, this category is where advertisement is meant for. Thanks!


Anyone involved in, or with an opinion about the VA community, members or CEOs, are highly encouraged to join the IFVARB slack and check the recent post made in the #userfeedback channel.